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Newbie guide: Guilds

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A guild is your character's profession in ZombieMUD. The main purpose of a guild is to offer you skills and spells that help you develop your character.

You can see your guilds in your score by typing 'score'.

There are fery few limitations to the number of guilds your character can have. You can be a fighter-ranger-mage if you choose to. There are a few restrictions, e.g. you can not join Necromancers if you are a Paladin.

Current guilds in the game are:

Abjurer, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, healer, mage, monk, necromancer, paladin, psionicist, ranger, samurai, sorcerers, thief and warlock.

Some guilds can not be directly joined, but require to complete a quest, an invitation or a minimum amount of exp. Be aware that some guilds are absolutely not meant for newbies.

Guilds have 45 primary guild levels. Guilds branch into sub-guilds (subs) totaling 15 levels, where your character specializes inside that guild. Usually the true power of the guild is unlocked inside its subs.

You can join a sub guild only after you have reached level 45 in the sub's main guild.

Usually the subs offer more than 15 levels, so you must choose carefully. For example, the ranger guild separates into specialization subs covering sword, axe and bow usage. To gain the full potential of one of these, you must focus on one of the subs alone.

There are also guilds called 'class guilds', such as traders and navigators, totaling 5 levels. It is not feasible to join these guilds as a newbie.

The various guild halls are scattered around the realm of ZombieMUD. As a newbie it can be difficult to find these at first, but the newbie helper Buju will transport you to your guild in your early days. You can find Buju 3 north, 3 west from the Central Square of ZombieCity. Type 'transport <guild name>', or 'transport guild' once you have joined a guild. Buju will also give you a special transportation stone should you get lost, look at the stone for help.

Once you find your guild, you must first 'join' it. After this you can 'advance' levels, if you have free mortal levels to spend. Guild levels will cost experience just like mortal levels, but a lot less.

Learning skills & spells

Studying spells and learning skills are done with 5% increments in Guilds. How high you can study or train depends on your race and your level in the Guild you are. See more on racial limits on 'help newbie race'.

Please note that if training a skill or studying a spell costs more than your next level, it is adviced to advance your level instead.

Training and studying are done in 5% increments, and cost both experience and gold. The experience and gold cost increase as your knowledge of the skill or spell increases.


You can see a list of the spells you know by typing 'spells'. For more detailed help on spellcasting, read 'help spellcasting'.

The syntax for studying a spell is 'study <spell name>'. For help on a specific spell, type 'help spell <spell name>'.

You can see the costs of a spell by typing 'estimate study <spell name>' and the percentages you can study a spell at different levels with 'info spell <spell name>'.


You can see a list of the skills you know by typing 'skills'.

The syntax for training skills is 'train <skill name>'. For help on a specific skill, type 'help skill <skill name>'.

You can see the costs of a skill by typing 'estimate train <skill name>' and the percentages you can train a skill at different levels with 'info skill <skill name>'.

Skill usage:

use <skill name>
use <skill name> at <target>
use 'skill' <target>

Some examples:

use 'camping'
use 'kick' harry
use camping
use kick at harry

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