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Newbie guide: Your character

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To view your character's attributes and other character information, type 'score'.


You can set your character's surname with 'surname <name>'. This will be displayed right after your character's name.


A short snippet of text displayed after your race. Set title by typing 'title <title>'.


Up to five lines of text you can write to your character's finger info (the info other players see when 'finger' your chracter). You can write basically anything here, it does not actually have to be 'plan' of sorts.

Type 'plan set' to set your plan. You will enter the editor mode. Type '?' in the editor to view help on how to use it.


A character can have up to 120 levels. Levels are divided into mortal levels (advancing a level in the Adventurers' guild) and guild levels (advancing levels in a guild or it's subguilds). To advance a guild level you must first advance a mortal level. Unused mortal levels are displayed in your 'score' as "free".

Please note that if training a skill or studying a spell costs more than your next level, it is adviced to advance your level instead.


Each character in the game has a set of base attributes. These are strength (str), dexterity (dex), constitution (con), intelligence (int), wisdom (wis), charisma (cha) and size (siz). ZombieMUD has no limit how high an attribute can go.

Attributes primarily affect skills, spells, your health (hp) and spell points (sp).

Attributes, health max, spellpoint max, health and spell point regeneration are are primarily gained from both mortal levels (up to level 30) and guild levels. They can be furhter raised with equipment and various other specials.

In addition to the hp and sp maxes gained from leveling, you also gain health from consitution, and spell points from wisdom and intelligence.


Gender does not play very big a role in ZombieMUD. There are races that are restircted to a certain gender (like Valkyries must be female or they become weaker), but otherwise you can play any gender you want.

Gender can be changed with the 'sex change' spell that is found in some Guilds of the realm. Usually you can ask for a 'sex change' from a Cleric.


Health and spell points are regenerated by a specific amount about every 30 seconds. This is called 'ticking'. The length of a single tick varies and comes at different time for each character. The amount regenerated depends on your health and spell point regeneration. Hp and sp regens are not shown in 'score'.

Health and spell point regeneration (HPR and SPR) are gained from mortal levels (up to 30), guild levels, and equipment. It is also possible to use skills and spells to speed up regens, and there are special rooms that will boost you regen.

Note that you do not regenerate when you are in combat.


Characters in ZombieMUD must eat. The food edible to your character depends on your race. Food is consumed when moving in the world. Should you fail to eat, you will stop regenerating. Your satiety level is shown in your score.


Experience (exp) is gained primarily from killing monsters and exploring.

See combat section for more details about killing and gaining exp from combat.

You can gain experience from exploring by moving into rooms you have not yet visited in the world. This only applies to rooms inside areas that are unmapped. I.e., you can not gain experience from the outworld, or areas where you can see a map when you type 'map'.

The amount of explore experience gained from a room is based on your exploration percent, which is shown in your score. The higher the percent, the higher the gain.

Experience can be spent on advancing levels, upgrading skills and spells, your race and attributes. You can upgrade certain races with exp to make them more powerful. Such races have the skill 'introversion'. How to upgrade a race is something you must find out yourself.

You can upgrade your base attributes in the Adventurer's guild (str, dex, con, int, wis, cha).

Please note that upgrading a race and attributes is very expensive and as a newbie or midbie it is a lot more feasible to spend your exp on levels and skills.


You can see your inventory by typing 'i'.

Each item, including money, has weight. Your total carried weight is shown when you examine your inventory. Maximum carrying capacity is based on your strength attribute.

Items lying unused in your inventory can be stolen by thieves.


To examine an item in your inventory or the room you are in, type 'look at <item>'. At times you will see several items of the same type. These will be prefixed with the item amount, e.g. "Ten loaves of bread", or "Many loaves of bread" if you have more than ten. To examine a specific item in a stack of items, type 'look at <item> <number>', e.g. 'look at bread 10'.

To get an item you are in, type 'get <item>' or 'take <item>'.

To drop an item, type 'drop <item>'.

You can get and put items in and out of containers by suffixing the command with 'from <container>' and/or 'to <container>'. E.g. you can do 'get 10 bread from sack to chest'.

You can specify several items at once by separating them with commas, e.g. 'get sword,bread'.

You can 'keep' an item to prevent yourself from accidentally dropping or selling an item. To add an item to 'keep', type 'keep <item>'. Please note that items in keep are not safe from thieves.

You can also specify the following instead of a single item or comma separated itms:

ALL      - all items you are carrying (also items equipped and in 'keep')
all      - all items but the ones in 'keep'
all item - all items with id 'item' (example: all sword)
eq       - all worn or wielded items
noeq     - all items not worn nor wielded
weapons  - all weapons (doesn't matter if its wielded or not)
armours  - all armours (doesn't matter if its worn or not)
food     - all food you are carrying


All worn and wielded equipment in the game fit into specific 'slots' on your character. Cloaks go to 'cloak' slot, shoes and sandals to 'feet', helmets to 'head' and so on. You can also wield to weapons, or a weapon and a shield.

Equipment can give bonuses to your base attributes (str, int, wis, etc), hp and sp regeneration, resistances, and some items have special features and commands you can use.

To see your current equpiment, type 'slots'.

To equip all wornable and wieldable equiment in your inventory, type 'equip'. This command will attempt to fill all unused slots with equipment you are carrying.

Worn and wielded items can not be stolen by thieves.


When you have an item you wish to wear, type 'wear <item>'. This will be worn on the slot it designated for. The slot must be empty prior to wearing. Some items might occupy several slots.

Armours have an armour class. To see your current armour class, type 'eq'. A higher armour class means less physical damage inflicted by monsters. This is especially critical for fighter types.

Wearing armour requires no skills.


All weapons in ZombieMUD belong to a specific weapon type. These are: ancient, axe, bludgeon, dagger, polearm, staff, sword and bow.

All weapons, except for bows, can be either one handed (1h) or two handed (2h).

You can 'wield <weapon>' in your right hand, or 'lwield <weapon>' in your left hand. This applies to one handed weapons. Two handed weapons occupy both hands. You can also dual wield a 1h weapon in your both hands with 'dwield <weapon>' for increased effect.

Exception to the rule above are so called 'two handed races', i.e. races that are large enough to wield two handed (2h) weapons in one hand. These races can dual wield two handed weapons, or wield two 2h weapons.

Weapons have a weapon class, which determines it's base effectiveness. They also have attributes that give bonuses to score a hit, and bonuses to damage.

For your character to effectively use a weapon, it must train the required weapon skill for the weapon. E.g., if the character uses a one handed sword, it should train skill 'weapon skill 1h sword'.

For left hand wielded weapons, it is also necessary to train the skill 'leftwield' to negate the negative bonuses caused by your left hand (yes, all characters in the realm are consired right handed).

See combat section for more details.

Storing equipment

Most equipment and items on ZombieMUD are saveable, either in temporary lockers available in ZombieCity, or stored safely within wooden chests inside of permanant player-built castles.

The Lockers:

Lockers are a good, temporary solution to storing eq until you have saved enough gold to either rent a castle room from someone, or to build your own. The lockers can be found within ZombieCity. Simply type 'help zombiecity' and seek them out by heading towards the 'Rent Room'.

A maximum number of 10 items may be stored in this manner. The cost of a locker is dependant on your level. As a newbie, the cost will be very reasonable. To see your own personal cost, simply go to the rentroom and read the long description of the room.

NOTE: You must open the locker, place your 10 items inside of it, and then close the locker in order for them to save!

To retrieve your items, simply return to the rent room, 'enter' your locker again, 'open' your locker, and 'get all from locker'.

Commands available when standing in the Rent Room:

 'rent <hours>'  - buy a locker
 'check'         - shows the remaining rent time
 'add <hours>'   - adds <hours> to your rent time
 'enter'         - enter your locker cabinet	
Castles are very expensive and are not for newbies, so they are not covered in this help.


At some point will will eventually wish to change your guilds and/or race combination to try out something new. This is what reincarnation is for.

Reincarnation will reset your character to the beginning, to level 1 without a race and guild, with all your experience unspent on your character minus a reinc tax.

Reinc tax varies between 1% and 10% of your total worth. The tax will lower in time, at a rate of about 1% per week.

If your total worth (total gained experience) is less than or equal to 50M (50,000,000), you can reincarnate for free (as in 0% tax) at Father Kalidan in ZombieCity church by typing 'reinc_me'. This newbie reinc is also money free in the sense that guilds will not take any money from training skills or spells while you are reincarnating.

When you reincarnate your character must be dead. Also make sure you are have no worn or wielded equipment when reincarnating.


The trade in ZombieMUD is done primarily with gold, but there are also other types of coins available. Below is a list of coins and their value in gold:

Platinum 10    Gold     1
Silver   0.5   Bronze   0.1
Copper   0.01
Money can be stored in the Bank. Upon depositing money to the bank, a deposit tax is collected. The rate of the tax is determined by the Mayor of ZombieCity, i.e. the leader of the Human race.

Some services in the realm, such as transportation between continents, withdraw money straight from the bank so you do not need to carry cash with you always.

Money cab withdrawn or transferred to another player for free in the bank.

Be aware that carried gold can be stolen by thieves.

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