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Newbie Guide: Low Level Area Information

In this guide, all directions begin with the starting point of CS, or Central Square, which is located in the center of ZombieCity. Anywhere in the city itself you can type 'map' and see that CS is the "(O)" location, and your current position is the large X. Click here to view City Map ->
Click here to view World Maps -> The world of ZombieMUD is vast, so start out right by learning the lay of the lands now. Check out these maps of Despair, Cantador, and Mellarnia.

Listed here are just a few of ZombieMUD's newbie areas to give you a bit of a head start. As you explore you will find many more on your own.

The Newbie Killing Fields: 3 n, 3 w, portal, read plate, hero_candidate, equip, enter
- The most simple of exp mobs, for the youngest of adventurers.
- Level restricted area.
- Explore exp is given.

Marvin Gardens: Southwest corner of ZombieCity.
- Climb the trees to find simple and small animal mobs to kill.
- Beware the citizens and larger animals (Raccoons, ermines), as killing them will lead to trouble.
- Explore exp is given.

ZombieCity Sewer: Southeast corner of ZombieCity.
- Level restricted area, especially for newbies.
- Explore exp is given.
- Simple mobs and small quests.

Goblin Forest: 9 s, 3 e, path
- Level restricted area, especially for newbies.
- Mapped area, so no explore exp is given.
- Small EQ mob in center of area.
- Scale of Difficulty (Easy to Hard): Goblin explorers, Goblin marauders, Goblin champions, EQ Mob

Brownie Fields and Forest of Enfall: 19 e, 2 n, field
- North of entrance is The Forest of Enfall, and perfect for newbies. Explore exp is given.
- East of entrance are the Brownie Fields, for slightly larger adventurers.
- Scale of Difficulty: Birds, Chipmunks, Turtles, Deer, Gnomes
- Beware Minda and some parts of the Brownie Fields.

Weohstan's Mill and Denulf's farm: 12 w, 3 n, village
- A small area with farmers and animals.
- Explore exp is given.
- A variety of different sized monsters, most of them are easily killable.
- Animals and children are the weakest opponents.

Brownie Tree: 10 s, 10 e, tree, enter
- Explore exp is given
- Scale of Difficulty: Varied among the normal brownies
- King and Princess should be avoided, and beware the Mage in the hut!

Move on to Newbie Facts ->

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