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  Warlocks are an evil semi-spellcasting guild with some abilities
  in melee combat as well as with spells. Warlocks are very adept in
  the art of mastering dark magic in its various forms. Warlocks are
  known for their powerful spells against those of opposite faith.
  Much of Warlocks training concentrates on summoning and controlling
  various forms of demons and devils. It is essential for Warlock to
  remain as much of evil alignment as possible to remain in good terms
  of their Patron Deities. Not much is known about Warlocks as their
  nature is very secritive and rare is the occurence when a Warlock
  would talk about their secrets with non-believer.

                      About Joining
   Warlocks can't be joined simply by taking the guild as a primary in the
  character creation. If you select warlocks, you will just enter the game
  without any guild. You need then to join the guild in the warlock guild
  guildroom. This is possible only if you have an invitation to join the
  guild! So, please make sure before you reinc that a such invitation is
  available to you when you need it.
   The only way you can get an invitation is to complete the warlock quest
  and offer your soul to the Dark Gods. This will not however guarantee
  an invitation, but will assure that Dark Gods know about your aspiration
  to be a warlock. Offering can be performed in one place only. Not much is
  known about this place but it is said that it lies far-away, near the 
  Temple of the Warlocks. The entrance to area is hidden somewhere near
  the village of Erinia. However, it is known that the exit was sealed with
  a magical door in the aftermath of the paladin-warlock war, a long time ago.
  Only two keys were ever made and one was given to the commander of the
  paladin forces, who then went away to lead a fight against another stronghold 
  of darkness and the other key was given to a young captain who was left behind
  to guard the entrance with his men.

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