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Newbie guide: Topics

Welcome to ZombieMUD's Newbie guide. This guide will help you grasp the various aspects of the game. The guide is meant to be read from top to bottom in the order below.

If you wish to head straight to character creation, read our quick start guides. It is however recommended that you read this Newbie guide first.

Please note that the game is vast and multi-dimensional, there is a lot to learn and you should not expect to learn everything within your first days or weeks of playing.


Covers the very basics of the game, including interaction, movement and getting help.


Introduces the basics of races in ZombieMUD.


Introduces the basics of guilds and subguilds.

Your character

Getting familiar with your character, attributes, levels, experience and the such.


Describes the combat system of ZombieMUD.

Party system

A brief introduction to the game's party system.

Advanced topics

A more in-depth guide to various topics such as combat and equipment.

Once you have read these through, you can proceed to our quick start guides.

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