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	                   Sorcerers' Guild

The Sorcerers were originally a group of illusionists with a rare talent for
manipulating the continuum of space and time. They were among the earliest 
of the practioners of Magic to develop their art, and participated in
several of the great battles fought in the realm of Despair.

Years passed without much development in their arts, and not too long ago
the high members of the Sorcerers' Guild realized they had developed their
arts as far as possible. This revelation was ultimately what caused those of
the Sorcerers' Guild to isolate themselves from the worlds, for the duration
of time now known to them as the time of Withdrawal.

In their seclusion they developed a new form of magic, a path that is based
on understanding the nature of magic as it appears in the universe, rather
than simply using the disciplines learned by casting conjurations discovered
by trial and error. This path of magic came to be known to them as the 
Greater Art, perhaps arrogantly named to make a distinction with it and the
arts they had abandoned and given over to the Guild of Mages.

Not all went right for those of the Sorcerers' Guild during the time of
the Withdrawal. Even tough methodically united and in possession of Arts far
deeper than those they abandoned, an ideological struggle took place within
the Guild. After much debate arose the factions of Order, Chaos and Balance.
Each faction with their own view of why the potent spells of Sorcery work as
they do, and each with their opinion of what this tells of the Universe, and
what is to be done with it. This seperation lead the factions of Sorcerers' 
Guild to follow different paths, and to discover spells unique to their view
of existance. 

A lot of anger passed between the leaders of the factions, but there was one
thing they agreed upon. The time of returning to the worlds once abandoned, 
was now at hand.

NOTE: The Sorcerers' Guild is not a guild for newbies, due to the substantial
      requirements to learn their arts. Therefore no player with the total
      worth of less than 500 megs is allowed to join. 

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