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Help Buju, Newbie Guide.                    

Buju is one of the oldest denizens of ZombieCity. He
has been waiting patiently just outside of the Church
of All Gods for years, and is standing there now,
waiting to help anyone in need of his services. In
the past he was challenged by the strongest adventurers
in the land, but these days he focusses much more on
benign power than brute strength.

If you are a new player to the realm of Zombie, be sure
to visit Buju, for he will give you a gift of a small
glowing stone to help you on your journeys until you
reach 15m worth. If your level is 45 or below, Buju
will be glad to transport you to the various guildhalls
in the land, for no charge at all. Simply ask him for
a 'transport'.

If your race has been converted, Buju offers transport
to your racial homeland as well for those people level
45 or below. Just tell him 'transport race'.

Buju also knows the secret to entering The Newbie
Killing Fields, a small area featuring the simplest
mobs in the land, especially made to practice your
newly learned skills and spells upon and gain experience
while doing so. Give Buju the command of 'portal' and
he will gladly open it for you. 

Inside Buju's portal, from his ancient Hero Machine, you 
can acquire some simple equipment, torches, as well as a 
bite of food, should you be in need of them.

See also 'newbie', 'newbie areas', and 'newbie commands'.

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