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Newbie Guide, Character - Levels

ZombieMUD's level system is split into two sections:
Your Adventure Level and your Guild Level. 

Adventurer (Adv-Guild) Levels (sometimes called 'mortal levels'): This 
is the 'level' your character displays. If you have an Adventure level 
of 55, then your character is seen to have level 55 in all who listings 
and your 'finger' info. You must advance this level first, as you cannot 
gain Guild levels if you do not have 'free' (unused) Adventurer levels. 
You may see whether or not you have free levels by typing 'score'. 

You may advance Adventurer levels by going to the 'adv-guild' in 
ZombieCity and typing 'advance'. The maximum Adventurer Level available 
is 120. 

Guild Levels: These are gained in your guild of choice. You may only 
advance in your Guild if you have free Adventure levels. Each Guild 
level advancement will use up one of those free levels. Guild levels 
will cost you 40% of whatever that particular Adventure level cost. 

Guild levels are divided as follows: 

Primary Guild: 45 levels
Sub Guilds   : 15 levels (total) 

Most of the guilds have their own way of arranging the sub levels. Some 
have for example 5+10 levels while others might have only one sub of 15 
levels or even two subs of 10 levels from which you may choose a total 
of only 15 levels. 

NOTE: You don't have to take sub levels at all if you don't want to. You 
can create a level 45/45 Fighter/Mage for instance or even level 
30/30/30 Fighter/Mage/Healer if you want but in many guilds the real 
power is hidden in the sub guilds and it is usually well worth your time 
to take sub levels. 

You may advance Guild levels by going to your guildhall and typing 
'advance'. For sub levels, you must have completed 45 levels in the 
guild, and then go to the sub, 'join', and later 'advance'. The maximum 
number of levels you may have in one guild is 60. 

So, In brief: What this all means is that you really have two sets of 
levels, your Adventurer level and your Guild level. When you have enough 
experience to gain a level in the Adventurers' guild, you go there and type 
'advance' to go up one Adventurer level. These Adv-guild levels are in a 
sense a pool, which you may fill with any choice of guild levels you 
wish to take, from any guilds you wish to join. You must, of course, 
attain enough experience to pay for these guild levels and advance them 
by hand in the guild halls. 

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