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Newbie Guide, Character - Experience 

Experience (exp) is gained primarily from killing monsters and 

See combat section for more details about killing and gaining exp from 

You can gain experience from exploring by moving into rooms you have not 
yet visited in the world. This only applies to rooms inside areas that 
are unmapped. I.e., you can not gain experience from the outworld, or 
areas where you can see a map when you type 'map'. 

The amount of explore experience gained from a room is based on your 
exploration percent, which is shown in your score. The higher the 
percent, the higher the gain. 

Experience can be spent on advancing levels, upgrading skills and 
spells, your race and attributes. You can upgrade certain races with exp 
to make them more powerful. Such races have the skill 'introversion'. 
How to upgrade a race is something you must find out yourself. 

You can upgrade your base attributes in the Adventurer's guild (str, 
dex, con, int, wis, cha). 

Please note that upgrading a race and attributes is very expensive and 
as a newbie or midbie it is a lot more feasible to spend your exp on 
levels and skills. 

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