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-Ancient Samurai- 

The Ancient Samurai are bushido warriors who study the Samurai Arts
under the close supervision of their ruler, the Samurai Shogun. The
Way of Samurai is far from easy, and may be ill-fitted for those of
little patience and virtue, as reaching mastery in their eleven unique
skills is only possible through vigorous training.

Each Samurai wields a magical blade which may be enchanted through the
use of several spells. Once enchanted, this weapon is reputed to surpass
even the Araman, the Godslayer in its deadliness.

The secondary weapon used by most Samurais is the Tebukuro-ken, a deadly
battleglove fitted with razor-sharp blades. The Samurai primarily require
this glove to handle their shuriken, but it also allows them to perform
several special fighting techniques not available for other weapons.

Some of the Samurai choose to wield other secondary weapons, such as
daggers or mundane swords. However, as little actual training is
provided for such weapons by the Samurai Guild, the most powerful
of the Samurai seek further education elsewhere.

The most important attributes of a powerful Samurai are mastery in the
Samurai's special skills, vigorous training in the other skills and spells
provided by the guild, sufficient spell point regeneration to afford the
various blade enchantments, strength, dexterity, and above all, iron-clad

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