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Newbie guide: Party system

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Parties are a way for players to get together and go make some experience, complete quests or bring down epic monsters for their equipment. Partying is probably the most important and fun aspect of the game.

A party consists of up to eight members, plus an aide. The leader of the party, usually a fighter type, is called a 'tank'. Tank sits in front of the group, taking in all the hits, while the rest of the party stays back and deals damage, tries to keep the tank alive or performs other duties.

You can create a party yourself and recruit other members to join you. At the beginning, it is probably best to do this on the newbie channel. Or, you can indicate your are looking for group (LFG) by sending a message on the newbie channel. There is also a command 'lfg' which will indicate your readiness to join a group, see 'lfg'.

To see a complete list of party related commands, see 'party'.

ZombieMUD's players have written several Guides to Leadership, which you can read here.

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