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Newbie guide: Races

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ZombieMUD's races are plenty and diverse. In addition to basics attributes such as strength or wisdom, races have unique racial abilites. As the game is going through a race conversion, the races currently divide into old races and converted races. Converted races have subraces and more specials than the old ones.

First thing to understand is the limits of each race (e.g. racial maxes). Each race has its own base attributes that can go up to 100. If an item gives +10 strength bonus, or you get +5 strength from advancing in a guild, a race with 100 base strength would receive these bonuses fully. A race with 80 base strength would receive +8 from the item and +4 from the guild. You can think of this as a percentage.

The other limitation is skill and spell maxes. A race with 100 skill max can train a skill to 100% from a guild, given that the character has high enough level in that guild. A character with 80 skill max could only train the skill to 80, so a character with e.g. 80 spell max does not make a very good spellcaster.

The Human races is the standard all other races are compared against. They have base attributes set at 70 and skill and spell maxes set at 100.

The third attribute to be aware of is the experience gain rate. Races superior to Humans gain experience at a slower rate, and vice versa.

Skill and spell percents can go over racial maxes with items, bard spells and various other boosts. They can also go over 100%.

Each race has its own skill and spell costs. Some races find it very easy to learn spells, but might find it very difficult to learn skills, or vice versa. Some races that are very superior attribute-wise might find both skills and spells hard to learn. The harder it is for a race to learn skills or study spells, the more experience it will require, and vice versa.

While the old races are very much as playable as the new converted ones, the latter are much more in depth. They have racial areas, more specials and you can spend exp on some of the converted races to upgrade them. Finding out the special abilities and racial area for a specific race is up to you.

The converted races that are upgradeable have the ability to store experience with a skill called 'introversion'. This experience is safe within your character's soul should you die.

See 'races' to see the list of races.

Type 'help race <racename>' to see the description and specifics of a race.

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