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Newbie Guide, Character - Attributes

Each character in the game has a set of base attributes. These are 
strength (str), dexterity (dex), constitution (con), intelligence (int), 
wisdom (wis), charisma (cha) and size (siz). ZombieMUD has no limit how 
high an attribute can go.

Attributes primarily affect skills, spells, your health (hp) and spell 
points (sp).

Attributes, health max, spellpoint max, health and spell point 
regeneration are are primarily gained from both mortal levels (up to 
level 30) and guild levels. They can be further raised with equipment 
and various other specials.

In addition to the hp and sp maxes gained from leveling, you also gain 
health from consitution, and spell points from wisdom and intelligence. 

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