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 The most common of all races who dwell within the vast realms of Zombie,
 the spread of civilized humanity has crossed fertile plains and near
 endless oceans to settle even in the farthest reaches of the known world.
 Their true home, however, will always remain in the very heart of the
 realm; ZombieCity.

 One of the most varied of species, civilized humans are jacks of all
 trades. They are adept at mastering any skill or magical spell they choose
 to learn, yet tend to remain entirely average when such aspects as strength,
 wisdom, or any other physical characteristic is put to the test. It is for
 this reason alone that when distinctions are made between all races, human
 is the one which is always used as the solid basis for comparison.

 Being truly civil, each and every human child is schooled in various
 aspects to help them prosper in the city as adults. Basic knowledge of
 leadership, bargaining, appraisal, mathematics, and even some training in
 the fundamental precognition of magical spells known to most as 'essence
 eye' are among the lessons. With this training, when the time comes, they
 will be prepared to join the guilds of the lands and make their own names
 in the world.

 As with all species, there often comes a man, or woman, of such stature,
 such unparallelled rank and charisma, that they are unanimously elected to
 lead the race. Humans are no exception to this tradition, and when their
 leader is chosen, they are bestowed with the official title of Mayor of
 the greatest city in the entire realm; ZombieCity itself.

Strength:     average             Dexterity:    average             
Intelligence: average             Wisdom:       average             
Constitution: average             Charisma:     average             
Size:         medium              

They may master even the most difficult of arcane powers.
They may master the most complicated of skills.
They are the standard, against which all others are judged.

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