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Newbie Guide: Help Bank

In order to keep your hard earned gold safe from the sticky
fingers of thieves, it is highly recommended that you place
it in the Bank. There are several branches of the ZombieMUD
Bank and Trust found throughout the realm, but the main office
can be found in ZombieCity.

When standing in the bank there are several commands to use:

   deposit    - deposits money into your account
  withdraw    - withdraw money from your account
  transfer    - transfer money to another players account
     debts    - shows who you currently owe money to
     loans    - shows who you have loaned money to
      view    - allows you to view transactions.
A small tax is taken from all money deposited in the bank, 
but fear not, as the head Banker faithfully counts each taxed 
coin, and when he feels he has gathered enough a lottery is 
run, and a portion of the taxed gold is returned to a few 
lucky bank patrons.

The more money you deposit at once, the lower the tax upon it.

The money in the bank is guarded by an ever-diligent watchman,
who has never once let the bank be robbed while he is on duty,
but everyone has to sleep sometime...
See also 'money', 'events'.      

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