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Command:   party
Arguments: create <name>, join, leave, follow, status, kills, 
           snoop <member>, say <message> and leader <name>
Party commands function as follows:
  party create x       = create a party named x (creator will be always the
  party leave              = leave your current party
  party follow             = follow your party leader
  party status             = show status of party (members' hp/sp, xp, etc)
  party short              = shorter version of 'party status'
  party say x              = say x over the party channel
  party report             = report your sps/hps over the party channel
  party join               = join a party you've been invited to
  party snoop x            = shows a view from player x's environment
  party locations          = shows all party members locations
  party kills              = shows a list of recently killed monsters
* party movement           = switch the mover of the party between leader 
                             and commander
* party dice               = throw dice for every party member
* party invite x           = invite x to your party
* party invite x [y]       = invite x to your party, offering y gold for
* party leader x           = make x the leader of the party
* party place x y          = place player x to place y in your party
* party reset              = reset the time/exp counters
* party colour             = change the colour you are speaking in
* party say RED_COLOUR msg = will say msg in red colour, but not change 
                             default colour. colours GREEN,BLUE,YELLOW 
                             will also work similarly.
* party split              = will split the gold that is on the commander 
                             to other members. NOTE: all money on commander 
                             will be split even if 1M is his.
  party carry x            = you may attempt carrying your leader to safety, 
                             if he has fallen stunned, with this command. 
                             You must give a direction as an argument. For 
                             example 'party carry west'
                             NOTE: improper and badly planned use may 
                             result in quick, violent death.
                             NOTE: this command has been disabled until further
  party rescue x y         = you may choose to attempt to rescue your leader 
                             by stepping into the first row should he fall 
                             stunned, or below a certain wimpy %. 
                             Usage: party rescue <arg1> [arg2] 
                             arg1 is one of 'wimpy', 'stunned' or 'off'
                             if arg1 is 'wimpy' arg2 is the wimpy %
                             if arg1 is 'stunned' arg2 is the number
                             of rounds to wait before rescuing.

* denotes commands only available to the party's commander (or the leader if
  commander is absent)
See also 'tell', 'ptell', 'say', 'shout', 'kill', 'aide'.

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