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Command: lfg
Arguments: see below

LFG is short for 'looking for group'. If you are in search of players
to join your exp or eq party, typing 'who lfg all' is a good place to
start. Be sure to set your own lfg status so that others can more
easily call upon you to join their parties.

The 'lfg' command itself will allow you to toggle between 'off' or 'on'.
When typing 'lfg' you must pass the following arguments:

           lfg on eq  - Puts you to LFG mode with status of EQ
           lfg on xp  - Same as above, but this indicates you want XP
      lfg on explore  - Again the same, but for explore
          lfg on all  - Indicates that you're up for all of the above
             lfg off  - Turns off your LFG flag
To find party members with the lfg flag, use the following commands:

             who lfg  - Shows complete list of unidle players
who lfg guild:<guild> - Shows a list of lfg players of that guild
    who lfg lvl:<lvl> - Shows complete list of players lvl and above.
  who lfg type:<type> - Shows all that have set a type (eq or xp)
          who lfg all - Shows complete list of unidle and idle players

Your friends list will also be updated with an 'L' flag for players
that are currently looking for a group.  Joining or creating a party
will remove the 'lfg' flag from you and set your lfg status to off. 

See also 'friends', 'who'.

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