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Finger Results: Dis

Dis Telcontar the Elf end of an era!? Please!
The Lord of the outworld Castle 'Cambridge Circus'.
Level: 120  Age: 2927d 18h 51m 54s
He is the Voice of the Heart of Eliendien.
He leads the faction of Balance.
He has been on for  1h 15m 6s.  Idle:  1h 11m 36s.
Arena score: 1482
Best kill: A tsarist soldier - 19997768 xp (solo)
           Gelka, the king of the thieves - 65362270 xp (party)
>Your evocations are at an end, and the chant is done.
>You have become one with the universe, aware of it as if it was
>but a part of your being. Power drifts from you to the universe, caringly
>nursing it as you will yourself to a calm. The beating of your heart
>slows, and with it slows the universe. The inevitable has been postponed.

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