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1. Shinymonk

From: Shinymonk
Subject: double guild
After all these whines about lvl 120s to be out of tune I finally come         
up with the solution to this: 
Allow to take the same guild as secondary guild, thus allowing people          
to be double paladin, double mage, double whatever, thus allowing people       
to dedicate their life fully to one thing and don't abuse the power of 2       
guilds. Of course at lvl 120 you then have the ability to train quick 
chant to 200%, just to take one case for example.      

2. Gyver

I want to post this idea, but I fear the consequences of a wrathful Avandhar ..
well anyways here goes:                                                        
Currently we are capable of "spending" xp which we currently have "on hand".
Once spent, this xp goes into our "worth" where it is stored and unable to be
affected except through reinc/lvl loss. I think we should be able to "burn" our
"worth" on top of spending "xp" which means that you will permanently lose the
xp you use to train from worth but you could use it for lvls/skills/spells ONE
TIME. What this means is a 1g char could reinc his worth through spending to
1g, then could decide to BURN his worth away to 0 (if he reincs again he is a
worthless character) in order to be equal to 2g for this one reinc. 

From: Gyver
Subject: hard corp?

how about a introduction of "drugs" on zombie. make the drugs have affects on
you similiar to bard boost and some minor prot spells (like lrap)              
make another healing drug (aspirin) that heals like 50 hps per pill, pills cost
500 gold? can only use 1 pill every 4 seconds or so                            
how about the drugs, the more you use them, the more you have to use them to
maintain effectiveness. i.e. you build resistances to them                     
so what you have is a) the ability to solo/party w/o an abjurer or healer (as
long as you have cash) but the more you do this, the more expensive it gets AND
the less effective it gets                                                     
which means that its a solution for the many nights when no
abjurers/healers/psis/bards are on .. the essentials to parties                
a party of just fig-types could party but it would be very expensive     

3. Suntop

Subject: Scrolls
OK, now that we've got the nice scrollcases implemented, I think it would be
great if scrolls were given a little more use.                                 
It would rock if we could learn spells from scrolls and add them to our
repertuary. Studying from a scroll could cost a little more xp and the scroll
would burn after studying, to avoid any tuneproblems.                          
Feel free to flame/comment, if you have something constructive to add.    

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