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Newbie Guide, Basics - World 

ZombieMUD, and MUDs in general, are built up from 'rooms'. Each room 
consists of a description of where you are and possible exits to 
adjacent 'rooms'. Many rooms also feature things to do in, secrets to 
search for, and other types of interaction, as well as items, other 
players, NPCs (non-player characters) and monsters. 

The world of ZombieMUD, aka the 'outworld' is a massive realm consisting 
of well over million rooms. In the outworld you can find places like 
cities, dungeons, forests, guilds, mines, etc. These are called 'areas'. 
There are well over a hundred areas to explore, consisting of over 
15,000 unique, hand crafted rooms. 

Areas vary both in size and difficulty. Some areas are meant for 
newbies, some only for higbie parties, some have only a few rooms, some 
have hundreds. Exploring carelessly can and will get you killed, so you 
have been warned. 

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