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Wizardhood in ZombieMUD is an honored privilege that has to be earned. 

Only few applicants are accepted to act as wizards and even fever do 

justice for the honor of wizardhood. Being a wizard is completely 

different from being a mortal and requires a different set of skills.

Applicants should be aware that wizards have to work discreetly and 

without revealing sensitive information or details of the game to the 

mortals. Applicants should also realize that there isnít much praise 

to be expected from the players for their hard work. Whatever a 

wizard will do, there will always be complaints. Especially the 

beginning of wizardhood is a stony path requiring a lot of work and 


Since a new wizard will need a lot of help, guidance and supervision 

from senior wizards, applicants should have a clear vision of why they 

want to be wizards in ZombieMUD and what they want to accomplish and 

work on if they are accepted. Each applicant will be evaluated 

individually based on various criteria.

Before a player makes a request to be wizzed, he or she should consider 

the following aspects:

* Desire

  The applicant has to be able to justify why he/she wants to be a wizard 

  in ZombieMUD, not just a wizard in any given mud.

* Vision

  The applicant needs to have a vision of the work he/she wants to 

  accomplish and work on if he/she is accepted. Real ideas with lore and 

  plans are required, not just "an area, then a race and a guild".

* Imagination

  As ZombieMUD is a text-based game, wizards need imagination and 

  creativity to be able to create vivid and informative textual 

  descriptions of locations, events, items and NPCs.

* Adequate English skills

  As a text-based game with English as the official language, wizards need 

  a good command of the English language. They do not need to be fluent in 

  English, even though it helps as the work of most of the wizards mainly 

  consist of writing textual descriptions.

* Time

  Coding, writing descriptions and improving the game require dedication 

  and effort that in turn will require time.

* Knowledge of ZombieMUD

  Knowledge and understanding of the lore, races and guilds of ZombieMUD 

  will help a wizard to better understand and evaluate what the game needs, 

  what can be done and what kind of changes are in line with the game. This 

  knowledge greatly reduces the amount of required supervision from other 


* Enough worth, playtime and EQ-parties

  Understanding how the players think and interact with each other, in 

  addition to understanding how the game mechanisms work, will not just 

  reduce the amount of required supervision for a new wizard, but will also 

  help him/her to work and interact with the players and further improve 

  the game.

* Good reputation

  Should be self-explanatory and go without saying.

* Achievements

  Is there still something left to achieve as a mortal? As a wizard you 

  wonít be able achieve these goals anymore.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a good wizard, 

send mudmail or a tell to an archwizard and be prepared to make your case.

See also 'wizard', 'wizards' and 'descending from wizardhood'.

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