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Wizards in ZombieMUD are the chosen caretakers of the game. They
are immortal, and no longer play the game in terms of questing
and experience gaining, but rather they use the tools given to
them to create new aspects of the game itself. These are the world 
crafters, who build the lands around you and shape raw ideas into 
tangiable form.


The wizard hierarchy is divided into four main sections as follows.

 Level 91-99: The Codeslaves
   Typically newly created wizards or those who have yet to contribute 
   much to the game. This is the learning phase where LPC is taught.       
 Level 100-149: The Wizards         
   Having been blessed with well deserved levels by the Admins for 
   their work on the game, these true wizards tend to know a great
   deal about the mechanics of the world around them. The more levels
   a wizard has, the more he or she has worked to better the game.

 Level 150-199: The Archwizards
   When a wizard has proven his mettle for long enough, and shown
   that he is capable of the job, then they are promoted to the
   rank of arch. Arches have access to all of the main areas of
   the game, including the guilds and game commands. Should a
   major problem be found, or a bitter dispute arise, these are 
   the people who should be contacted for help as Archwizards are 
   also fit to judge mortal disputes and their word is as law.
 Level 200-1000: The Admins
   The Administrators of the game have carte blanche. They have
   full liberty to fix any problem which arises. This also means
   they are very very busy people, and garnering the attention
   of an admin should only be done when the need is great. Those
   people of Admin level have invested a vast amount of time into
   bettering the game before you, and their position in the realm
   is one due great respect.
If you have game related questions that a mortal would know, you 
should always ask your fellow mortals, and not the wizards!
Wizards are not allowed to disclose game related secrets to the 
mortal population, but should you be in dire need of assistance 
due to a bug or other serious problem, they may of course be 
contacted for possible help.

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