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Different weapons have different properties. The most important of these 
properties are: weapon class, hit bonus, damage bonus, damage type and the
nonphysical damage percent. Some weapons can also have a critical bonus.

Weapon class and damage bonus help you to hit harder, hit bonus makes you 
miss hits less often. All melee weapons do atleast some amount of physical
damage in combat, but some, more powerful weapons also do other types of
damage. For example, you may come across a weapon that does some of its 
damage as fire, instead of physical. Since many monsters (ie. NPC's) are
more vulnerable to other damage types than physical, this helps a great
lot in combat. As a key rule, the higher the nonphysical damage percent 
a weapon has, the more powerful (and the more expensive) it will be.

Weapons (as well as armour) can be further improved by 'binding' them. 
This is a spell that allows a player to mark an item he has made himself
(he has killed the monster which has it, either alone or in party). Once
marked like this, the all of the weapon's statistics will be higher, if
wielded by the person to whom it is bound. The downside is, if you loan 
this weapon to anyone, or try selling it, it will not work as well for
anyone else. You can do this *only* to items you have gotten by killing
the monsters that have them yourself.

Weapons can be either 1 handed, or 2 handed. 1h weapons read (1h) when
you look at them, and two handed weapons read (2h). Usually, you can wield
either 1x 1h weapon, or 2x 1h weapon, or 1x 1h weapon and a shield. 
However, some races are big or strong enough to wield a normally 
'two-handed' in a single hand. You can spot these races by typing:
'help race <race's name here>'. If the information you get says: 
'They can use two handed weapons in one hand.' then this race can fight
with two two-handed weapons also. Or one two-handed weapon, and a shield.
So for a 2h race, the possibilities would be: 1h+shield, 1h+1h, just 1h,
2h+shield, 2h+2h, just 2h in either hand and the other hand empty, or
2h weapon in both hands. The 1h races are otherwise the same, but can 
only wield 2h weapons in both of their hands.

There is an important piece of knowledge that relates to this. Two handed
weapons have often better weapon class / hit bonus / damage bonus than 
1h handed weapons, and there fore a race wielding two-handed weapons has
an advantage, since instead of wielding 2x 1h weapon, they can wield 2x
2h weapon. However, wielding a two-handed weapon in one hand, only makes
use of its superior qualities. It does not give you the added boost of
strength and leverage you get, when you can swing with both hands. This
means that a 2 handed weapon, wielded in 2 hands, does more damage than
the same weapon wielded in just right hand or left hand. This boost is
larger for 1 handed races than for 2 handed races, because the 2 handed
races are already hitting so hard that utilizing any extra power becomes
harder. In short, both 2h and 1h races can wield weapons in 2 hands, this
can be done with the command 'dwield', but 1h races get a larger bonus
from it, than 2h races.

Finally, hits from left hand are weaker than the hits from right hand, 
unless your race is ambidextrous. Ambidextrous races are almost always
better off wielding two weapons than one. For non-ambidextrous races, 
the choice is harder.

There are four commands you can use to wield weapons:

 wield <target>  - wields 1 weapon in your right hand, or both hands if it
                   is a 2 handed weapon and you are a 1h race.
 lwield <target> - wields 1 weapon in your left hand. If you do this, you 
                   can not wear a shield. The skill 'leftwield' helps with
                   hitting with the left hand. 
 dwield <target> - wields 1 two-handed weapon in both of your hands. If you
                   do this, you can not wield any other weapons, or wear a
 equip           - wears all your armour, and wields your weapons with just
                   one command.

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