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> TO: Miramax Studios
> FROM: Storyline Editor
> RE: 'Lord of Rings' story
>    Ok, Jack -- I read this grossly oversized book, and I think we can
> handle it, but we have got to slim-n-trim this one big time to get it into
> our 2:07 frame.  Luckily, 2/3 of this book is just dead weight.  Proposed
> cuts:
>    Merry and Pippin, or at least one of them.  Too easy to confuse.  Too
> many Hobbits.
>    Sam.  Sure,  he's got the supporting role, but isn't Frodo's lone
> struggle against impossible odds twice as heroic without him?
>    Faramir.  Wussy, non-heroic character- all he does is to get shot and
> lie around in agony.  A waste of scenes.  Better to keep Boromir alive, use
> him in later scenes.
>    Imrahil.  Who cares?
>    Saruman.  Needless duplication of a villain.
>    Kingdom of Rohan & its inhabitants.  Needless duplication of a kingdom.
>    Ents.  Talking trees?  Makes me think of 'The Wizard of Oz'.
>   Nine Black Riders.  Reduce to three.
>    Some general critiques:
>    Dividing up the plot into two lines after they come down the Big River. 
> No good.  Keep the plot straight, have them all go to Minas Tirith, then
> all go to Mordor.
>    This reverse-psychology business with the Ring -- no good.  Confuses the
> audience.  Suggest new ending:  Frodo _takes_ the ring, then fights duel
> with Sauron.  Big fight on Mount Doom.  Sauron blasts him with electric
> bolts from his fingertips.  Frodo lies dying on the mountain.  Suddenly the
> Chief Nazgul says 'I am your father, Frodo,' picks up Sauron and throws him
> down the volcano.  Big eruption.  Segue to final ceremony scene.  Whaddaya
> think?

>    P.S.  Can we get some submachine guns in this story?  Maybe studded with
> spikes all over to give them a medieval look?

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