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Help Talking to Wizards

Wizards are here to develop content for the game, repair broken code,
resolve serious player disputes, and otherwise keep things running.
Wizards are not here to answer questions about how the game works,
fix self-inflicted problems, or make the game easier for you.

Players should use good judgment when communicating with wizards and
should not waste wizards' time by reporting non-issues. Wizards
understand that players are not always in a good position to diagnose
bugs, and do not think ill of players who make mistaken bug reports
after doing careful testing. The following inquiries, however, are
frowned upon:

- You have screwed up your reinc or made some other bad decision,
  and want a wizard to fix things for you. These inquiries are seldom
  if ever appropriate. You are expected to live with the consequences
  of your mistakes, especially if you have the power to reverse them
  (albeit at a price).

- You are gaining mastery slowly, or your character is not as strong
  as you expected, or the game is just too hard and you want a wizard
  to investigate. Inquiries about whether something is "working properly"
  are far too common and are unfounded in the vast majority of cases.
  If you suspect that something is wrong, be prepared to submit data
  and thorough documentation of the problem, or you will be ignored,
  on a good day.

- You have been harassed or killed by a player and want the wizards
  to intervene. Wizard intervention in player wars is generally only
  justified in response to a major killing spree, bullying of newbies,
  or serial unprovoked offenses. Read the 'player wars' help file
  and be prepared to explain, using the rules of that help file,
  why wizard intervention is justified in your case. Reports
  unaccompanied by such explanations are disfavored.

The following reports are tolerated or even encouraged:

- You have confirmed the existence of a bug through replication,
  testing, research or a "sensitive" message. Rewards may
  be given for reporting serious or tricky bugs. Even if the
  report turns out to be wrong, these reports are appreciated
  as long as wizards can see that a player has done his homework.
  Unless the problem is urgent, bugs are best reported using
  the bug command. Don't expect or ask for a reward for doing
  the right thing. You are less likely to receive a reward if
  you ask for one. See 'reporting bugs' help file for more info.

- You are aware that someone has violated the rules and would like
  to report them. Rewards may be given for accurate reports.

- You have read the 'player wars' help file and feel certain that
  a player has committed an offense that justifies wizard

- You have lost gear or something difficult to replace and wish to
  request mercy from the wizzes. Wizards may help in these situations
  if they are feeling generous, but their charity should not be
  presumed. Refusals are final and if you receive one, you should
  not press the issue further. Help 'reimbursement' for more info.

- You have an idea for an addition to the game. Keep in mind that
  volunteer coders are generally in this for their own enjoyment,
  and only want to work on content that interests them. It is
  unlikely any wizard will want to spend time developing your
  revolutionary vision of the game, when that time could be spent
  developing his own. Ideas that require wizards to devote months
  of time to code major changes of your design are seldom
  taken seriously. If you want such an idea implemented, you
  may apply to wiz and build it yourself. On the other hand,
  economical proposals that achieve useful results with
  minimal recoding are usually well received.

Players who abuse the privilege of requesting wizard help may, in
serious or repeat cases, be punished. Generally, punishment means
placement on the wizard's ignore list, either temporarily or
permanently. If ignored by a wizard, you may be unable to request
help when it is genuinely needed. In especially grievous cases,
wizards may dole out other punishments. Use your judgment and
think before pressing enter.

See also 'reimbursement', 'player wars', 'reporting bugs'.

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