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Newbie Guide, Basics - Talking to other players 

To see a list of who else is online, you can type 'who'. To see who are 
currently not idle, type 'who unidle'. 

To tell things privately to another player, type 'tell <player> <what to 
say>'. E.g. 'tell endy hi!'. 

To say something to everyone in the current room, type 'say <what to 

There are also lots and lots of emotes you can use. To see a list of all 
emotes, type 'verbs'. These can be used with adverbs, type 'adverbs' to 
see a list. For example, if you wish to laugh hard, simply type 'laugh 
hard'. The syntax is '<verb> <adverb(s)>'. 

Some emotes can also be targeted at another player, monster or NPC. You 
can for example 'greet' others. 

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