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Newbie Guide, Character - Storing equipment 

Most equipment and items on ZombieMUD are saveable, either in temporary 
lockers available in ZombieCity, or stored safely within wooden chests 
inside of permanant player-built castles. 

The Lockers: 

  Lockers are a good, temporary solution to storing eq until you have 
  saved enough gold to either rent a castle room from someone, or to build 
  your own. The lockers can be found within ZombieCity. Simply type 'help 
  zombiecity' and seek them out by heading towards the 'Rent Room'. 

  A maximum number of 20 items may be stored in this manner. The cost of a 
  locker is dependant on your level. As a newbie, the cost will be very 
  reasonable. To see your own personal cost, simply go to the rentroom and 
  read the long description of the room. 

  NOTE: You must open the locker, place your 20 items inside of it, and 
  then close the locker in order for them to save! 

  To retrieve your items, simply return to the rent room, 'enter' your 
  locker again, 'open' your locker, and 'get all from locker'. 

  Commands available when standing in the Rent Room: 

    'rent <hours>'  - buy a locker
    'check'         - shows the remaining rent time
    'add <hours>'   - adds <hours> to your rent time
    'enter'         - enter your locker cabinet	

Renting a room:

  You can ask a fellow player to rent you a room from his/her castle. To 
  store equipment in your room, you need to purchse a chest. Read 'help
  chest' for more details about chests.

  The average rental fee varies from player to player. You can expect to 
  pay over 150k for a room, but be sure to choose your Landlord with care. 
  The wizards take no responsibility if your Landlord decides to cheat 
  you. Choose wisely When you have saved a good deal of cash, simply 
  advertise your wish to rent on the newbie channel and hope for the best. 


  Castles are very expensive and are not for newbies, so they are not 
  covered in this help. Read 'help castles' for more details.

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