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Every character has their own statistics to describe what they are like in the
realm. There are 7 main statistics, and they are strength, dexterity,
constitution, intelligence, wisdom, charisma and size.

  Seeing a strong warrior fighting is a moment of delight for the companion,
  and a moment of despair for those who dare to fight against.
  Strength allows the fighter to deliver more damaging blows in the field
  of battle, with various skills and hand-to-hand combat. Stronger adventurers
  can also carry more than the weaker ones.
  Dexterous opponents are the most dangerous ones, as they may see harmless
  but can take larger adversaries out easily with agile and clever fighting.
  Nimble characters have better chances to evade the attacks, fight with skill
  and in general to benefit of their other physical attributes, such as size
  and strength. Also outside the battle field, the dexterous adventurers can
  perform feats in which more awkward ones would fail.

  One of the basics of the survival in the realm of Zombiemud is that the last
  one standing wins. Those who are fit and enduring can stand and fight as 
  others grow tired and fall. They also have an ability to endure more damage 
  than others. Therefore the high constitution is an important ability
  not only for fighters but also for spellcasters aswell.

  In the realm of magic, the more intelligent ones have a clear advantage
  in controlling and casting magical spells. They simply understand better the
  essence of the arcane magic, which results in greater spell power and fewer
  failed casting attempts. Besides this, the more intelligent and wise the
  spellcasters are, the more spells may they cast sequentially without resting.
  There are several magical spells that cannot be mastered with bare knowledge
  of theory but with wisdom. Wisdom, which means the ability to take advantage
  of all experience, is an important attribute especially when dealing with
  healing and protecting magic. Along with intelligence, also wisdom increases
  the caster's potential to cast several spells in a row, with less fails.

  The appearance of the character is important when there is a need to
  influence other living beings. The charismatic persons are born leaders and
  everything they say, do or even sing has an impact on the companion. This
  can be a great asset when trying to convince others on your side.

  Needless to say, the size is most certainly one of the main attributes
  when determining the battle abilities. Larger creatures can easily bash the
  tiny ones to death with few hits, but they usually are a bit clumsier and
  have hard time hitting the nimble enemies. However, the smaller ones do more
  often deliver successful hits. Greater size also results in greater endurance
  against damage.
The statistics are described with a number, the greater number, the better.
They are normally abbreviated as Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha and Siz.

See also:     'stats', 'score'.

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