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                               S H A R D S 

Shards are composed of tiniest iotas of Gods, sent hurling through worlds
of Zombie in the Great Wars. Their principal essence can be found everywhere
in the realm, scattered around in particles far too small to perceive.
Remnants of Gods, these particles are greatly sensitive to personal power.
In fact they are drawn to it. Over time, Great personal power can attract
these particles of divine power to itself. Over the course of time these
particles will join and create one of the most powerful magical items in
the realm of Zombie, a Shard.

While our bodies are transformed to mould in the embrace of the earth, the
power of a God is different. 

Never entirely decimated, not while any faith still lingers. And still,
a God may still be fallen, its power stolen by an other. One such fate
was worse than all others. That of Gruumsh, the once Master of Lightning
and Earth. Nearly destroyed by Belinik, the War God, Gruumsh barely lingers
on, equally weak to his sister Gaia. Now known as the Fallen God, Gruumsh
kept very little of His once great power. Most was taken by Belinik, He who
now presides over the elements of Lightning and Earth as well as War. But
not all. Gods bleed too, and not all that Gruumsh lost was harvested by
the arrogant victor Belinik. It is likely that this haemorrhage of Divine
Power not long ago sparked the events which we are all experiencing now. 

Manifestations of Godly power, condensed near other great power. 

This power, in itself, is both great and soulless. The injured Gods
are numerous - Gruumsh was not the only one struck, simply the greatest 
to fall - and they still exist. Their purpose and spirit does not carry
itself within the Shards. They are therefore, not inherently Good or
Evil in nature. 

In the hands of the powerful, they may serve either end.

Known properties

Shards form near creatures of great personal power. The longer such a 
creature remains undefeated, the more likely it is, that a Shard will be
formed upon its death.

If only a very short time has passed (a matter of few days), there is no
chance for one to appear at all. However, if enough time (several months)
have passed since the creature's last defeat, the chance of a Shard
appearing becomes a certainty. 

Usually the power of a Shard depends on the personal power (hardness) of
the creature to whom it forms. However, if the creature remains undefeated
even after a Shard's appearance has become certain, the Shard will very,
very slowly begin to gather more and more power. Should many months, or
even years, pass before the creature is finally slain, the Shard will
possess powers far beyond any Shard that can form in a shorter time. 

So, in the end, Time governs even the power.

A Shard in itself is useless. Its powers will be unlocked only after it
has been attached to a piece of armour, or a weapon. No more than two
Shards may be attached to any piece of equipment. Once attached, the
Shard can not be removed or changed by any means.

Shards are more powerful if attached to bound items, but this is not
mandatory. A shard from any creature can be embedded in a piece of
equipment from any other creature.

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