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Shadow damage

This damage type is a rare subtype of magical damage, and is linked to the 
Shadow magic and the Plane of Shadow. It is anti-magical and anti-life by
nature, and as such can be exceedingly difficult to protect against. 

Spells that offer protection against magical damage will, to a small degree, 
offer protection against shadow damage also.

The resistance used against the shadow damage is the lowest of all the
subject's resistances. Bonuses to shadow resistance, should the subject
possess any, are added to this value of resistance. The undead and all
creatures of the Shadow are naturally resistant to shadow damage.

Spells that deal this type of damage will present with the following line
in their description:  

  Damage type:     magical [shadow]

Depending on the spell, the damage may be mostly magical with a chance to
deal shadow damage, or the spell may deal shadow damage each time it is cast.

Weapons reported to deal shadow damage will deal by default magical damage
and have some chance to deal shadow damage instead. The magnitude of the
shadow damage is the same as the magnitude of the magical damage.

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