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Command: set
Arguments: (variable) (value)

This command allows you to set values for different variables. Without any
arguments it shows all variables and their values.


  o email
    - Your personal email address.
  o nomore
    - No-more flag. If it is enabled, all more-prompts are disabled for you.
  o see_own_tells
    - If you want to see your own tells in 'last tell' command, use this.
  o inform_friends
    - When this is turned on, you will only see information about your 
      friends and enemies on 'inform' channel.
  o channel_emote_str
    - Set the string that must be entered before emotes on channels. The
      default str for this is ':' and this means you could use emotes on
      channels like 'mud :smirk'.
  o terminal_lines
    - Your terminal lines.
  o tell_history_size
    - Your tell history size.
  o history_size
    - Your command history size.
  o report_fatigue
    - Reports your fatigue when it changes.
  o timezone
    - Sets your timezone.
  o color_map
    - Sets whether you have color maps on the outworld map.
  o use_goahead
    - If this is set to 'on', GOAHEAD (IAC + GA) will be sent after every
      prompt. This will make prompts a lot faster for tinyfugue users. It is
      also recommended to put "/lp off" when using this feature. Do 
      "/help lp" in tinyfugue for more information.
  o ignore_bards
    - If this is set to 'on', most bardspam will be filtered out mudside.
      This includes bard's singing as well as boosts and debuff spam.
  o unsafe_prayer
    - If this is set to 'on', the prayer skill won't move you to the church.
  o term
    - Sets the terminal colour option for you.
  o partywho
    - Sets the default minimum number of people in a party you wish to see
      when you type 'party who'. 
  o friends_option
    - Sets whether or not you wish to use friends or friends2 as default.
  o score
    - Sets which of the three score options you wish to use.
  o kills_inform
    - Toggles top10 solo and partykill messages on and off.
  o bell_only_friends
    - When this is set on, only people on your friends list may 'bell' you.      

See also 'score', 'term', 'friends', 'email'.

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