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Command: schan

This command is used to configure saveable channels.

  Creator commands:
    o schan add admin (channel) (who)
    o schan remove admin (channel) (who)

  Creator/Channel administrator commands:
    o schan add member (channel) (who)
    o schan remove member (channel) (who)
    o schan add ban (channel) (who)
    o schan remove ban (channel) (who)
    o schan topic (channel) (topic)
    o schan flags (channel) (flag)
    o schan history (channel)

  Creator/Channel adminstrator/Member commands:
    o schan info (channel)
    o schan leave (channel)
  Commands for everyone:
    o schan create (channel)    

  NOTE: You can't banish Archwizards from saveable channels. :-)

See also 'saveable channels'.

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