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Saveable channels provide an easy way to create permanent channels. You can
create a saveable channel with a cheap cost of 5,000,000 gold coins. The
reason why the cost is so high is quite clear: we don't want to see thousands
of new channels created by players.

Of course, there are advantages compared to normal channels. Saveable channels
are configurable by the creator and channel administrators that are chosen by
the creator of the channel.

Here are some basic rules of saveable channels:

  o The creator of the channel can't be changed.
  o Saveable channels can be only removed by an archwizard, *without refunds*.
  o Only the creator can add/remove channel administrators.
  o Creator is always a channel administrator.
  o An archwizard is always a channel administrator on every saveable channel.
  o Channel administrators can add/remove members to/from the channel.
  o Channel administrators can banish players from saveable channels that have
    "public" flag set. Other administrators can't be banished.
  o Channel administrators can change the default topic of the channel.
  o Channel administrators can view the 'info' about the channel.
  o Private channels are only accessible by members that are not banished,
    administrators and archwizards.

  See also 'schan'.

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