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Newbie Guide, Character - Reincarnation 

At some point will will eventually wish to change your guilds and/or 
race combination to try out something new. This is what reincarnation is 

Reincarnation will reset your character to the beginning, to level 1 
without a race and guild, with all your experience unspent on your 
character minus a reinc tax. 

This experience is considered 'safe exp' and you will not lose it
should you die in the middle of your reincarnation. Also note that
as long as you have 'safe exp', any experience you gain will be halved.

Reinc tax varies between 1% and 10% of your total worth. The tax will 
lower in time, at a rate of about 1% per week. 

If your total worth (total gained experience) is less than or equal to 
50M (50,000,000), you can reincarnate for free (as in 0% tax) at Father 
Kalidan in ZombieCity church by typing 'reinc_me'. This newbie reinc is 
also money free in the sense that guilds will not take any money from 
training skills or spells while you are reincarnating. 

When you reincarnate your character must be dead. Also make sure you are 
have no worn or wielded equipment when reincarnating. 

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