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Help Regexp

Some commands in ZombieMUD support regexp (regular expressions), most notably
allinfo and the commands for Timur's library.

  .     Match any single character.
  ^     Match start of line.
  $     Match end of line.
  \<    Match start of word.
  \>    Match end of word.
  \B    Not at edge of word.
  x|y   Match either regexp x or regexp y.
  ()    Match enclosed regexp like a 'simple' one.
  x*    Match any number (0 or more) of regexp x.
  x+    Match any number (1 or more) of regexp x.
  [..]  Match one of the enclosed characters.
  [^..] Exclude the enclosed characters.
        The .. are to be replaced by single characters or character ranges:
        [abc] matches a,b or c.
        [ab0-9] matches a, b or any digit.
        [^a-z] excludes any lowercase character.

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