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Newbie Guide, Character - Regeneration 

Health (hp) and spell points (sp) are regenerated by a small amount 
twice in a round (once every 2 seconds). This is called 'ticking'. 
The exact amount of regeneration may vary slightly. 

The current values of regeneration can be found in score, where the 
first value is the size of a tick and the second value is the total 
regeneration received in 30 seconds. This second value is for the 
benefit of those who were around prior to the regen-change of Sep 2013 
and are accustomed to the old method of regeneration (when ticks 
occurred once in about 30 seconds).

Health and spell point regeneration (HPR and SPR) are gained from mortal 
levels (up to 30), guild levels, and equipment. It is also possible to 
use skills and spells to speed up regens, and there are special rooms 
that will boost you regen. 

Spell points regenerate in combat but not at full speed, but at a rate
that depends on the player's constitution among other factors. This is
called battle regeneration.
Health does not regenerate in combat.

Hunger will gradually reduce your regeneration.

In ZombieMUD, 'sleep' is not a command but an emote and does not speed 
up your regeneration. 

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