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This change affects the regeneration of Hitpoints, Spellpoints and Stamina.

1) Players now regenerate twice in a round (once every 2 seconds).
   The amount of regeneration a player previously had is now effectively the amount they
   receive in a period of 30 seconds. 

   Thus, during this period of 30sec, the player regenerates every heartbeat 1/15th part
   of the total amount. So if you had 600 Spr, you will now regenerate 40 Sps every 2 seconds.

2) Spellpoints regenerate in battle.

   Every player now has an attribute 'battle regeneration' that designates the amount they
   regenerate during combat. This amount is a percentage of the non-combat regeneration, and
   is determined by the player's constitution, among other things.

   Hitpoints and Stamina do not regenerate in battle.

  -- Monte, 2013-09-06

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