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Help Ranged combat

Brief help about shooting with bows:

I     You have to wield the bow to shoot with it (wield bow)
II    Choose your aiming mode (aim help)
(III   Load your weapon with an arrow (load bow with arrow, load bow from quiver))
IV    Fire the bow at the target when the bow has been loaded (fire, fire <tgt>)
V     Wait for your aiming to finish and see your target get punctured by your arrow

Other things that are good to know:

- Bows always require two hands to use and cannot be reduced with magic.
- You can't use the commands if you have not yet wielded the bow.
- Aiming at specific areas grants you fearsome hits although you will
  be a lot slower that way.
- You can't hold a loaded bow forever, you will automatically unload
  after a certain period of time.
- You will also unload the bow if you use a skill, cast a spell or move.
- If you get hit hard, you will most likely lose your concentration and
  have to unload the bow.
- Unload the bow if you want to change the arrow. (unload)
- Even the best archers will miss their target sometimes.
- Agile monsters will evade the arrows.
- The 'eyes of the marksman' spell is said to make even
  the smallest archer a fearsome opponent.
- On 2011-01-12 the array of recognized ids for arrows was broadened,
  to help in situations one must handle several types of arrows, e.g.
  in a party of several archers.
  Example: a steel-reinforced arrow (faint white aura)
           This particular arrow could be handled (in addition to the 
           formerly available) with following names:
            'faint arrow', 'faint reinforced arrow',
            'white arrow', 'white reinforced arrow',
            'faint white arrow' and 'faint white reinforced arrow'.

A brief help about the skills

'Weapon skill bow'
This skill affects every aspect of bow handling.

This skill affects your chance to hit with a bow.

'Arrow handling'
This skill speeds up loading a bow.

'Quick shot'
This skill speeds up aiming with a bow.

'Steady aim'
This skill speeds up aiming with a bow and makes you ignore tiny cuts while
loading or aiming with a bow.

This skill allows you to hit more vulnerable areas with a bow.

Some basic skills affect archery. These are for example:
Critical, stun and inner strength.

Skills from other guilds may have some effect too. You will know when they help
you some way.


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