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 Trolls are a race of fierce warriors who fight to the finish.  The word death
 isn't part of a Troll's vocabulary.  Although they are not very smart, They
 are gifted with the power of regeneration.  Many Trolls will regenerate damage
 taken during combat while still fighting.  Lost limbs can grow back in a
 matter of days and minor damage in a matter of minutes to hours.

Strength:     good                Dexterity:    below average       
Intelligence: poor                Wisdom:       poor                
Constitution: excellent           Charisma:     unpleasant          
Size:         medium              

They are somewhat inferior to humans, and therefore earn a bit more experience.
Their basic healing ability is good.
Their untrained mana regeneration is slow.
Their wounds heal very quickly.
Their ability to learn complex arcane powers is limited.
They are slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may master the use of most skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They can see in the dark.
They hit harder unarmed than their strength leads to expect.
They are above average users of bludgeons.
They have a thick skin.
They can eat corpses.
They are slightly susceptible to acid.
They are noticeably susceptible to fire.
They can sometimes escape death.
They are taught to hate dwarves from birth.

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