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| '__/ _ \ \ / / _ \ '_ \ / _` | '_ \| __|
| | |  __/\ V /  __/ | | | (_| | | | | |_ 
|_|  \___| \_/ \___|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__|

In life the revenant were men and women of extraordinary will and dark of heart.
Having met their end through falsehood, betrayal or murder these mortals rose as
undead revenant: vengeance and wrath embodied. Commonly a revenant will return
to their grave having avenged their death but sometimes their hatred is so great
that they will simply replace the face of their enemy with another's, starting a
neverending cycle of vengeance.

The body a revenant is gaunt, pale skin riddled with sharp creases giving them a
grotesque visage which is only compounded by the eyes that blaze with inner red
fire. With their appearance and the aversion to sunlight the revenant is often
mistaken for a vampire.

A revenant is a formidable opponent for they possess great strength, bordering
on monstrous when facing a hated enemy. They can also be very difficult to
destroy as the body of a revenant can withstand great punishment. Like most
undeads a revenant is vulnerable to magical forces but they are also vulnerable
to fire and sunlight.

Strength:     very good           Dexterity:    below average       
Intelligence: below average       Wisdom:       poor                
Constitution: good                Charisma:     repulsive           
Size:         medium              

They are superior to humans, and therefore earn less experience.
They regenerate mana very slowly.
They possess superior health.
They possess great stamina.
Their ability to learn complex arcane powers is limited.
They are slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may master all but the most complicated of skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They can see invisible things.
They can see in the dark.
They can use two-handed weapons in one hand.
They are above average users of bludgeons.
They are above average users of axes.
They are above average users of swords.
They are above average users of polearms.
They are allergic to sunlight.
They have a slight resistance against acid.
They are considerably susceptible to fire.
They have a noticeable resistance against psionic.
They have a noticeable resistance against electric.
They are very susceptible to magical.
They have a considerable resistance against poison.
They are the dead who walk.
They can sometimes escape death.
They have no need to eat.

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