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 Overworld species use the pejorative 'greenskin' to refer to any number
 of subterranean humanoids, but perhaps none of these is more closely
 synonymous with that term than the orc. Orcs are to the underground
 empires what humans are to the world above: a common denominator, a
 a widespread and expansionist species found, in some capacity, in
 almost every corner of the underworld. The history of the orcs is not
 known, not even to orcs themselves, but it is rumored that they were a
 byproduct of failed experiments by ancient wizards, possibly even
 corrupted from purebred elves. Some speculate that these fallen origins
 are the source of the orcs' reflexive hatred of elves and dwarves. Driven
 underground for centuries, orcs have adapted to a subterranean life. They
 see easily in the dark and recoil from the rays of the sun. They have a
 symbiotic relationship with trolls but the two are not, contrary to popular
 misconception, related by blood. Orcs acquire overworld goods through goblin
 merchants, who often serve as liaisons between the kingdoms of men and
 greenskins. Orcs have brokered a tenuous alliance with ogres, who mostly
 dwell above ground and are frequently mistaken for orcs. While ogres kill
 for sport and pleasure, bringing much disrepute to other greenskins, orcs
 kill only for conquest and honor, and believe that the expansion of their
 territory is elemental to their survival. Orcs are spontaneously birthed
 from blood pits and, as such, vary widely in appearance. Broadly speaking,
 they resemble muscular hominids, with mottled skin of green, grey or brown,
 often covered in sparse, bristly hair. Orcs often have stooped posture and
 snouts in place of noses. The trite overworld comparisons between orcs and
 pigs are greatly exaggerated, however, and largely unfair.

Strength:     above average       Dexterity:    above average       
Intelligence: poor                Wisdom:       poor                
Constitution: average             Charisma:     repulsive           
Size:         medium              

They are somewhat inferior to humans, and therefore earn a bit more experience.
Their ability to learn complex arcane powers is limited.
They are somewhat slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may master all but the most complicated of skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They can see in the dark.
They are naturally ambidextrous.
They are above average users of swords.
They are above average users of axes.
They have a thick skin.
They can eat corpses.
They are weaker in the sunlight.
They are slightly susceptible to psionic.
They have a slight resistance against fire.
They have an inborn hatred of dwarves and elves.
Their bloodforged bodies automatically reconstitute upon death.
They must harness their aggression to embrace their higher nature.

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