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 These creatures are humans with a bull's head, crowned with horns. They are
 called Minotaur, named after their home village Mi'otau. Their true origin
 is largely unclear, as they tend to keep their history and legends to themselves.
 Scholars theorize that they have been unfaithful to their god sometime in the
 past, but nothing is known for sure. What is known for a fact though, is that
 their village lies on the island called the Sands.

 Minotaurs are rarely seen outside their village, but when encountered, they
 always amaze people with their fighting ability, as well as their disdain
 towards magic. It is the former that makes them highly sought-after as
 mercenaries, to protect convoys, or to wage war.

 Minotaurs are about the size of humans, but much stronger. Their bodies are
 partially covered by fur that is brown to black in colour, while their
 complexion varies similar to that of humans. The horns of a minotaur are
 their pride, and a status symbol among them. Their horns begin growing from
 birth, continuing until death. Some of the older minotaurs have learnt
 to use their horns in a most deadly manner in combat.

Strength:     good                Dexterity:    good                
Intelligence: low                 Wisdom:       low                 
Constitution: good                Charisma:     unpleasant          
Size:         somewhat large      

They are somewhat superior to humans, and therefore earn a bit less experience.
They possess great stamina.
They regenerate stamina somewhat quickly.
Their ability to learn complex arcane powers is limited.
They are slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may master the most complicated of skills.
They are naturally ambidextrous.
They have horns that grow.
They despise casting.
They do not like to hide behind a shield.
They are mercenaries for hire.

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