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In life the huecuvae were clerics or other religious figures who were cursed
for their crimes against their church to live on as one of the undead. In death
they hate with fervor their former church and the diety who cursed them. Some
go even so far as to actively seek the eradication of all faith.

The huecuvae are one of the most dangerous of the undeads for they are not only
intelligent but also highly skilled in magic. They have some apparent natural
aptitude for anti-magics, and possess a considerable resistance against all
forms of magic--a resistance that only grows through age--making a huecuva the
nightmare of a spellcaster.

A huecuva resembles a common skeleton very closely, and it is often mistaken for
one. While a huecuva is not physically very imposing, it can be extremely
difficult to destroy.

Strength:     average             Dexterity:    average             
Intelligence: good                Wisdom:       good                
Constitution: average             Charisma:     repulsive           
Size:         medium              

They are superior to humans, and therefore earn less experience.
They regenerate mana slowly.
Their wounds heal very slowly.
They possess superior mana reserves.
They have above average stamina.
They may master even the most difficult of arcane powers.
They are somewhat slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may master all but the most complicated of skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They can see magical auras.
They can see invisible things.
They can see in the dark.
They are partially immune towards the effects of magic.
They are slightly susceptible to physical.
They have a slight resistance against asphyxiation.
They are noticeably susceptible to fire.
They have a slight resistance against electric.
They are very susceptible to magical.
They have a considerable resistance against psionic.
They have a considerable resistance against poison.
They are the dead who walk.
They can sometimes escape death.
They have no need to eat.

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