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While still part of the dwarven race, gnomes are not that similar to
their relatives except in length. The average gnome stands about
four feet tall and has the same build as a human. Their heads are
proportionally bigger though and their eyes are larger, rounder and
have much brighter colours. It is common among the gnomes to take a
big interest in gems, jewels and anything that shines or sparkles.
This is very visible in the gnomish fashion, which exhibits colourful
dresses and tunics, embellished with ornaments made of rare stones
and metals.

Gnomes commonly earn their money in scholarly professions, but there
are also gnomes who work in traditional dwarven trades, such as
mining, where they make up for their physical weaknesses by using
magical powers. This is also where the gnomes differ most from their
underworld neighbours. While it is rare to find a dwarf who knows
how to cast a spell, it is even more rare to find a gnome who has
no clue about magic at all.

The gnome society is very loosely organized. Mostly due to the fact
that whichever event shaped them as they are now, also effectively
separated them from the rest of the dwarven community. While their
largest settlement is located in the dwarven capital Uhruul, gnomes
do not swear fealty to the Dwarven King. Yet gnomes remain tightly
allied with other dwarves, and the most prominent of them serves as
the spiritual advisor for the Dwarven King.

Gnomes are known for their devotion and their faith in the gods.
They feel, some say that they know, that their life is closely tied
to the whim of the celestial beings, which makes it much easier for
them to overcome their doubts and just believe in their faith. This
devotion comes at a price though. Caring so much and trying so hard
makes it harder on them when their faith turns out to be wrong, when
they fail, or have to give up.

Strength:     low                 Dexterity:    good                
Intelligence: above average       Wisdom:       good                
Constitution: average             Charisma:     average             
Size:         somewhat small      

They are somewhat inferior to humans, and therefore earn a bit more experience.
They may master all but the most difficult of arcane powers.
They master arcane powers easily.
They may master all but the most complicated of skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They can see in the dark.
Due to their devotion, they elevate quicker within their chosen faith.
They are weaker if their alignment contradicts their faith.

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