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Some legends say ghouls are cannibals cursed to live on as living dead and while
this might be actually true, most of them are people who were infected by the
diseased bite of a ghoul or a ghast, and subsequently died to the ailment to
rise as a carrion-eating ghoul.

The typical ghoul is a foul monster of low intelligence barely capable of
rational thought or speech, scavenging graveyears and crypts in search of the
next meal. Some ghouls, however, manage to hold on to their intellect and
personality from their life before and can actually be quite civilized, and
could pass as ordinary people if it weren't for their appearance. A ghoul
appears as a humanoid, its pallid flesh stretched tightly over its starved
frame, a mouth full of long, sharp teeth and its eyes completely black.

Like all undead they are naturally resistant to poisons and diseases but are
not as susceptible to magical forces as others of the living dead.

Strength:     above average       Dexterity:    average             
Intelligence: below average       Wisdom:       poor                
Constitution: above average       Charisma:     repulsive           
Size:         medium              

They are somewhat inferior to humans, and therefore earn a bit more experience.
They regenerate mana very slowly.
Their wounds heal slowly.
They possess above average health.
They have above average stamina.
They may master most, but not all arcane powers.
They are slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may master all but the most complicated of skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They can see in the dark.
They can not eat normal food.
They can eat corpses.
They are forced to eat often.
They have a slight resistance against fire.
They have a superior resistance against poison.
They are noticeably susceptible to magical.
They are the dead who walk.
They can sometimes escape death.

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