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Most devils are somewhat larger than humans and have a thick, red skin and
a pair of horns. They feed upon the dead, and carry within themselves the
ability to develop beyond their natural potential. Some even grow wings or
a tail.

Originally these creatures from the lower planes of Hell were created to
serve as officers and commanders in the army of Lucifer, the fallen son of
Silvain. Blessed with intelligence superior to the other servants of the
Archangel, such as the fiend and the damned, yet bound to the same hatred
of good, they were ideally suited to the task. Devoid of free will, these
creatures were seen in the realms only if sent by their Master or summoned
by a spellcaster of great power. 

This changed the day the Paladins assaulted the only known breach between Hell
and these realms. Forced to surface with elements of His Army, Lucifer was 
momentarily disposed and unable to control his minions. Lead by the greatest
of them, General Shrije, a group of devils managed to break free and escape.
This signaled the beginning of a free race of devils. No longer bound to do
their Master's bidding, they set out to the worlds, seeking their destiny.

Strength:     good                Dexterity:    below average       
Intelligence: good                Wisdom:       good                
Constitution: above average       Charisma:     unpleasant          
Size:         somewhat large      

They are far superior to humans, and therefore earn much less experience.
Their basic healing ability is good.
They possess considerable stamina.
They may master even the most difficult of arcane powers.
They are slow in mastering arcane powers.
They may master the most complicated of skills.
They are slow learners of skills.
They can see magical auras.
They can see invisible things.
They can see in the dark.
They can not eat normal food.
They can eat corpses.
They are forced to eat very often.
They are allergic to water.
They drink the power of their vanquished.

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