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Cinedi (pl. Cined)

"The Travelers"

  An ancient race that disappeared from the realm aeons ago, fading first into
legends until not even the elves remembered the name. Their contribution,
however, lived on: the Navigators and their great obelisks.

  The Cined are tall humanoids, typically with a platinum-coloured skin with
random patches of black and purple all over the body, especially around the
shoulders and the back. They are of lean build, their arms and legs long and
thin, as are their seven fingers. The head atop the thin neck is pronouncedly
egg-shaped, and almost comically high. From the top of the head descends a
sharp ridge of bone between the three pairs of eyes, and down to the tip of
the wide, flat nose. The ears are small and slightly pointed.

  They possess a natural curiosity that pushes them to seek new experiences,
new locations and peoples. This proclivity ultimately lead to the founding
of the guild of Navigators, as they found the constant traveling from place
to place to be exceedingly cumbersome. In this era, the pursuits of the Cined
are not as such about find new places, but finding new ways of getting there.

  The Cined have a tendency to mull over their actions, considering all the
perceivable outcomes and the different points of view. Due to this they may,
sometimes, appear slow and even dim-witted. While it is true that they are
not in general the brighest minds of the realm, the ponderous approach has
gifted them with great wisdom.

  Along with the aptitude of dimensional manipulation, the Cined have a natural
affinity to magic. Not magic as spells, but Magic as a primeval force of the
universe. The Cined are able to possess great amounts of magical energy, far
more than most other magic users of the realm. This proverbial horn of plenty
has a drawback, though, as their spells tend to expend slightly more energy.
Some of them have also discovered ways of enhancing the destructive spells
that utilize magic in its purest form, while some have developed natural
resistance to the very same force.

Strength:     low                 Dexterity:    above average       
Intelligence: average             Wisdom:       excellent           
Constitution: below average       Charisma:     impressive          
Size:         medium              

They are superior to humans, and therefore earn less experience.
Their basic healing ability is good.
Their untrained mana regeneration is quick.
They possess superior mana reserves.
They may master even the most difficult of arcane powers.
They may master all but the most complicated of skills.
They are somewhat slow learners of skills.
They can see magical auras.
They can see invisible things.
They can see in the dark.
They are forced to eat very often.
They are slightly susceptible to cold.
They are slightly susceptible to fire.
They have a slight resistance against psionic.
They make exceptional Navigators.
They have an affinity for Order.
Their strong minds offer some resistance to compulsion.

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