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Quests in the ZombieMUD are voluntary to the players, because we only
want them to be fun, not a nuisance. The quests can help the player to
learn important things about the MUD, especially at the beginning of his
MUDding career.

To make the quests more appealing to the players, we have introduced a
system where the player gets a reduction to the base level costs if he
has the required quest point amount for it. The required quest point
amount for each level can be seen with the command 'qps' in the adventurers
guild. If the player has the required amount of quest points available
when he advances a level, he gets the level with lowered cost and his
quest points are reduced by the amount required. At the moment, the
reduction of the level costs is 25%. A player's collection of quest 
points is reduced by 33% at reinc, but all quests may be done again.

At any time, a player can request a quest from Lachesis in the quest 
room (located southeast from the Adventurer's Guild) with the command 

The quest a player gets each time is randomly chosen from the quests available
for the player on his level. If the player does not succeed in solving the
quest before he gains 4 levels, he loses the quest.

You may only have one working quest at a time. If you are given a quest
and find that you cannot solve it, going to Lachesis and requesting a
second (request 2) will give you a new quest. The old quest is then lost,
but can be done upon your next reincarnation should you learn it in the

The number of quests you have requested reflects the amount of points you
are rewarded for them. You may request three quests per level. The chart
below explains the division of points.

    # of quests | Quest point value
          1     |       100%
          2     |        50%
          3     |        33%

You may only fully complete one quest per level. If you see the message 
"You do not need more quests at this point.", that is what it is referring
to. When you gain another level, you may request another quest.

There is also a 'quests' command available, which allows player to see all
his quests, solved and the ones he is working with. The syntax of the command

   quests [working|solved] [#]


   quests           - To see all your quests.
   quests working 1 - To see more detailed information about your quests.   
   quests 1         - The same as 'quests working 1'.
   quests solved    - The same as with 'working'.
   quests solved 5  - See above.

You can also see which quests a player has completed using finger -q <name>.

See also 'finger', 'exploring'.

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