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command: prompt
argument: string 

This commands allows you to customize your prompt.

prompt hp: <hp>(<maxhp>) sp: <sp>(<maxsp>) <greater>
Resulting prompt:
hp: 701(791) sp: 390(441) > 

Valid tags:

<hp>    - hit points
<maxhp> - maximum hit points
<chp>   - hit points (shown in red when <25%)
<sp>    - spell points
<maxsp> - maximum spell points
<exp>   - experience points
<cash>  - money in pocket
<bank>  - money in bank
<time>  - date and time
<party> - party status in prompt (need colours)
<exits> - room exits
<expl>  - explored rooms
<wgt>   - carried weight
<red>,<grn>,<yel>,<blu>,<mag>,<cyn>,<wht>,<blk> - darker colours
<hir>,<hig>,<hiy>,<hib>,<him>,<hic>,<hiw>       - lighter colours
<plain>   - change colour back to normal
<greater> - '>' 
<lesser>  - '<'
<space>   - space character
<newline> - newline character
<tonext>  - how much experience is still needed for the next level
<scan>    - shape of the creature you are fighting
<fatigue> - fatigue
<align>   - alignment
<satiate> - satiation level
<qp>      - unused quest points
<totalqp> - total quest points
<summaryrate> - exp/min in summary
<last_exp>    - exp gained from the last kill (or death) made

Wizard only:


NOTE for Zmud users:
Gigor [newbie]: why ain't the prompt example working?
Rcol [newbie]: before pressing enter, do "ctrl-r".. i bet you're using zmud :)

See also 'score', 'sc'.

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