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command: password
argument: NONE !!!

Change to a new password. The old password must be given correctly.

Good passwords use random letters and numbers. For instance, F0phR0ck is
a word that makes excellent use of zeros and alphabetical cases. It's not
in any dictionary and it's not very hard to remember. You can also make 
up acronyms, such as I eat 5 chocolate bars a day - Ie5cbad. 

The formula for inventing a good password is to not use a formula; use
your creative, haphazard imagination instead. Don't feel restricted by 
numbers and letters. You can use any combination of other characters such 
as punctuation marks, symbols, and even blank spaces. Remember that your
password is your key to your account. It doesn't have to be logical or 
even make sense. It just just has to get you in and keep strangers out. 

You should also set a valid email for your character for the possible
event of losing your password. With a working email, the retrieval can
be done a lot easier.

- No names, favorite foods, addresses, dates, or anything that can be 
  linked to yourself.
- Don't use all lowercase letters.
- Try to have at least two numbers or two non-alphabetic character such
  as "()[]{}.~!@#$%^&* and so on.
- Don't use words from any known dictionaries including but not limited
  to english, french, hebrew, greek, italian, russian, swahili, klingon,
  or any other known modern or ancient spoken or written language.

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